Yohai Ha'ku

Tall Uth warrior with a quicksilver facemask and nightmare plate armor.


Yohai Horosha is an Uthvelor who can be spotted from a crowd of other Uth for two reasons. 1) He wears a facemask of quicksilver that matches his countenance, which contrasts starkly against the all black nightmare player armor he wears, whose crossed scythe sigil marks him as a member of the Akalus Legion. 2) his weaponry: First he carries across his back in traditional Uth form, his standard Uth Sword, which is serrated on one side that is kept unclean on purpose so that maggots and other vermin can live on the sword and infect his victims with disease should they live from the laceration it causes. However, that sword pales in comparison to the seemingly gargantuan nodachi he carries at his waist. Unlike his Uth Sword, it appears to be made of hardened quicksilver and often moves of its own accord and filled with danger completely separate from its wielder.

If that weren’t enough, using his nodachi he can cut through reality and travel through dimensions. His current associate is Moli Nial, a former Mind Spike of the Nial clan.

For more information about the Akalus Legionnaires, please see the Outlaws Guide Sourcebook.


Not much is known about Yohai, other than his status as an Akalus Legionnaire. He is never called by his last name but instead by the honorific title of Ha’ku (Yohai Ha’ku). This status alone conferred him enough rank within Uth society to convince a great number of attackers to cease and desist (especially when it was against their wishes).

He spoke of a greater problem occurring in the Goblin Lands to the South, and the rise of Warmonger’s activities amongst the Uth. He also implored the party to get Linus back to his parents in Les’Tas’Tral.

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Yohai Ha'ku

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