Gawain Lightbringer

White Earther, Church of One paraphernalia everywhere, racist as fuck...but perhaps salvageable.


Tall, well built Earther, around 6’ tall, early 30s. Crisp blue eyes, dark black hair, wearing full platemail armor in the style of all Church of One Paladins. His hand and one half sword in its scabbard by his waist, and his shield carrying his family’s sigil, the lion holding a spear with a sunburst as it’s backdrop.

His religious symbol is the iron cross of the Church of One, which obviously has Healing Leyas attached to it. He also carries a small Earther pistol, with an ornate hilt. Although as a Leyas user he shouldn’t be able to use Leyas abilities, his “faith” allows him to use some mid-level tech without threat of backfire. Ignorance, in this case, is truly bliss.

Encountered in:
An Offer You Can’t Refuse


When introduced to the party, he was the commander-in-chief of the Church of One Paladins in the Castle of the Sun. He hadn’t yet been made Lord of the Keep, but he was in line to do so. The Inquisitor who Gawain was reporting to, Inquisitor Bader, was still technically in charge at the time.

However, after the massacre at the Keep, and being left for dead by Bader, Gawain was shown mercy by the travelling party. It left him having a small crisis of faith as the party travelling from the Castle of the Sun to the City of the Gods.

Although they briefly encountered Gawain during their attack on the Church of Man, where Gawain felt the need to repay the party’s mercy, probably to his determent, the last they heard of Gawain was from a spy within the Church of One. They were told that Gawain was lost and needed their help…

Last known whereabouts: City of the Gods.

Gawain Lightbringer

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