K'iorn, weird robes, two tentacles under his cloak. No weapons.


Full Description:
About 5’10, wearing an earthen color robe with a hood, G’Ildear is neither bad looking nor good looking, except the flesh on his face is not supple like normal flesh. Instead, his flesh is hardened. His demeanor does not make him appear monstrous, but it does require a double take on occasion. He has no obvious weapons, that is, if you don’t count the two tentacles that he wields under his robe.

FS 5
HP 15
2 Attacks (not including tentacles, which each get one)
+2 Faith
LR 4
Water 2
Shadow 4
Air 3
General 1

AR Robes+ Hide, 4 vs all

Special Abilities
Poison Fangs
Immune to Chill
Hide in Shadows
Shadow Cowl (-2 Cha, +4 Intimidation)
Consume Nightmare

For more information about the Tyriani, please refer to the Religions Guide Sourcebook.


Being a member of the Tyriani, a religion dedicated to learning, he was convinced to tag along because the allure of following around, and essentially “raising” a Bastard child from Les’Tas’Tral was intriguing. All the things he would learn…

During a recent adventure, he was kidnapped by the Church of One as the travelling party was making their way through the underground part of the City of the Gods. The Church of One was supposed to be doing a ritual that the party was supposed to have stopped, but G’ildear was captured during the ritual. It may or may not have had to do with one of the characters employing Light Leyas to keep the hoarde of nightmares that threatened to attack them. In any case, the players eventually saved G’Ildear and thwarted the Church of One plot. At least that’s what they all tell themselves.

Last Known Whereabouts: Travelling with the Party


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