Baldovar Hinsooth

Typical FatCat Politician - Earther, Old, Bald, overly pudgy, expensive suit


Baldover is a classic navy blue suit, red tie, expensive but comfortable shoe, politician. He stands 5’8", brown eyes, a signficiant pudge to his belly and with big hammy hands that are soft with never having to hold a tool for very long.

He is, however, very charismatic and cordial and knows how to woo someone into liking him. He’s Chooruvian and proud of it.

His security detail are large Earthers and Olgogs, all wearing black suits and shirt, often with some form of armor underneath them. They’re often armed with some form of springshot pistol, out of sight. Looking at them in Leyas sight, many have various Shapeshift artefacts on them. Baldovar, however, has nothing apparent.

Last you saw him, he was heading back to Chooru.


Not much is known. He’s familiar with Esmeralda Yobani, and was staying in Kelvara for business. However, beyond that, not much is known about him or his politics, except that someone hired the Church of Shadows to send their priests to kill him.

Found in:
Hotels, Assassinations, and Strange People

Baldovar Hinsooth

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